Current Conditions

Current Weather Conditions from CM2Weather Weather Station.


Temperature and Humidity

Temp 6.0 °C
Feels Like 2.7  °C
Heat Index 6.0 °C
Inside Temp 24.2  °C
Dew Point 2.8 °C
Wind Chill 4.1 °C
Hummidity 80 %

Temperature and Humidity data is taken from both the indide Weather console, and the External ISS Unit.


Rain and Barometric Pressure

Pressure 1013.00 mb
Trend Rising slowly
Rain Today 0.4  mm
Rain Rate 0.0  mm/hr

Barometric Pressure has been set-up against the Station Sea Level Pressure, The External rain bucket has been calibrated to tip each 0.2mm of rain.


Wind and Gusts

Current Speed 1.0 Mph
10Minute Gusts 12.0 Mph
10Minute Average 5.6 Mph
Beaufort Scale F2
Direction WNW
Wind Bearing 292 °
Wind Run 151.8 Miles

The Wind information is taken from the annometter showing both the speed and direction. Averages are based on 10minute intervals. Data is sampled every 3 seconds.


Current Solar and UV Data

Solar Reading 0
Sun Shine Hours 3.4
Sun Shining No
UV 0.0
Evaporation 1.27 mm

UV and Solar Data are from Davis Additional Sensors Evapotarpiration if from Wind and Data


Moonrise and Moonset

Moon Rise 03:58
Moon Set 12:00
Moon Phase Waning Crescent
Appoximate Moon Age The Moon is currently in day 25 of its cyle

Providing Current Information on Moon Rise and Moon Set, with details of current moonphase and approximate age.


Sunrise and Sunset Times

Sunrise 07:08
Sunset 17:17
Daylight Hours (Dawn till Dusk) 10:09
Difference Tomorrow There will be 3min 51s more daylight tomorrow

Last sunrise time at the station - This sunrise time is calculated by a third party library each midnight UTC, and each hour Cumulus converts it to local time to ensure shown correctly before and after any clock change.